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The Department of Environmental Economics and Management

The Robert H. Smith Faculty
of Agriculture, Food and Environment
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Herzl 229, Rehovot 7610001
Fax: 08-9466267

Department Head:
Prof. Ayal Kimhi, Tel: 08-9489376

Head of the teaching program:
Dr. Ohad Raveh, Tel: 08-9489373

Meital Kappach, Tel: 08-9489230

Discussion Papers

  • 1.18 Ayal Kimhi and Maya Sender
    Does Consumption Decrease After Retirement, and for Whom? (PDF)
  • 2.18 Ziv Bar-Nahum, Israel Finkelshtain and Iddo Kan
    On the Effectiveness of Price-Ceiling Regulations:
    The Case of Fluid-Milk Market in Israel 
  • 3.18 Ayal Kimhi and Ami Reznik
    Efficiency Implications of the Dairy Farm Policy Reform in Israel (PDF)
  • 4.18 Ayal Kimhi and Nirit Hanuka-Taflia
    What drives the convergence in male and female wage distributions in Israel? A Shapley decomposition approach (PDF)
  • 5.18 Ayal Kimhi and Ortal Siminovich
    Who exits from a reforming sector? The case of dairy farmers in Israel (PDF)
  • 6.18 Iddo Kan, Ami Reznik, Ayal Kimhi and Jonathan Kaminskia
    The Impacts of Climate Change on Cropland Allocation, Crop Production, Output Prices and Social Welfare in Israel: A Structural Econometric Framework (PDF)
  • 7.18 Hag Yehia, M. ; Finkelshtain, I. ; Bar Shira, Z. ; Bar Nahum, Z. ; Goodwin, B. K. Exploiting Compulsory Crop Insurance for Assessing Adverse Selection: Evidence from the Israeli Citrus Program; Agricultural and Applied Economics Association, 2018. (PDF)