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The Department of Environmental Economics and Management

The Robert H. Smith Faculty
of Agriculture, Food and Environment
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Herzl 229, Rehovot 7610001
Fax: 08-9466267

Department Head:
Prof. Ayal Kimhi, Tel: 08-9489376

Head of the teaching program:
Dr. Ohad Raveh, Tel: 08-9489373

Meital Kappach, Tel: 08-9489230

  • 20101 Ayal Kimhi and Eddie Seiler -
    The Effect of Family Composition on the Off-Farm Participation Decisions in Israeli Farm Households.
  • 20102 Myoung-jae Lee and Ayal Kimhi -
    Threshold Variation and Multivariate Ordered Discrete Response Models.
  • 20103 Yair Mundlak -
    On the Empirics of Economic Growth.
  • 20104 Yair Mundlak and Marcelo Regunaga -
    Economic Aspects of Agricultural Growth in Argentina.
  • 20105 Yacov Tsur and Amos Zemel -
    Optimal Transition to Backstop Substitutes for Nonrenewable Resources.
  • 20106 Yacov Tsur and Amos Zemel -
    The Regulation of Environmental Innovations.
  • 20107 Aliza Fleischer and Yacov Tsur -
    On Measuring the Recreational Value of Open Spaces.
  • 20108 Uri Shani, Yacov Tsur and Amos Zemel -
    Irrigation Management in a Dynamic Soil-Water-Yield System.
  • 20109 Amir Heiman, Bruce McWilliams and David Zilberman -
    Buying Convenience: The Effect of Religion on the Consumption of Timesaving Products.
  • 20110 David Just, David Zilberman and Amir Heiman -
    Who Wears the Pants in the Family: Power Distribution in Family Consumption.
  • 20111 Amir Heiman, Bruce McWilliams, Jinhua Zhao and David Zilberman -
    Consumer Valuation of Money-Back Guarantee Options.
  • 20112 Gregory Graff, Amir Heiman, David Zilberman, Federico Castillo and Douglas Parker -
    Universities, Technology Transfer and Industrial R&D.
  • 20113 Aliza Fleischer and Daniel Felsenstein -
    Estimating the Economic Benefits Associated with a Televised Event - The Case of the Eurovision Song Contest.
  • 20114 Amir Heiman, Bruce McWilliams, Edward Z. Shen and David Zilberman -
    Test Drives: Learning, Sorting and Buying. (PDF)
  • 20115 Amir Heiman and Eitan Muller -
    The Effects of Competition and Costs on Demonstration Strategies in the Software Industry. (PDF)
  • 20116 Daniel Felsenstein and Aliza Fleischer -
    Local Festivals and Tourism Promotion: The Role of Public Assistance and Visitor Expenditure. (PDF)
  • 20117 Abraham Pizam and Aliza Fleischer -
    Severity vs. Frequency of Acts of Terrorism: Which Has a Larger Impact on Tourism Demand? (PDF)
  • 20118 Zvi Lerman -
    Productivity and Efficiency of Individual Farms in Poland. (PDF)
  • 1.01 Yoav Kislev -
    Water Markets (Hebrew). (PDF)
  • 2.01 Or Goldfarb and Yoav Kislev -
    Incorporating Uncertainty in Water Management (Hebrew). (PDF)
  • 3.01 Zvi Lerman, Yoav Kislev, Alon Kriss and David Biton -
    Agricultural Output and Productivity in the Former Soviet Republics. (PDF)
  • 4.01 Jonathan Lipow & Yakir Plessner -
    The Identification of Enemy Intentions through Observation of Long Lead-Time Military Preparations.
  • 5.01 Csaba Csaki & Zvi Lerman -
    Land Reform and Farm Restructuring in Moldova:
    A Real Breakthrough?
  • 6.01 Zvi Lerman -
    Perspectives on Future Research in Central and Eastern European Transition Agriculture. (PDF)
  • 7.01 Zvi Lerman -
    A Decade of Land Reform and Farm Restructuring: What Russia Can Learn from the World Experience. (PDF)
  • 8.01 Zvi Lerman -
    Institutions and Technologies for Subsistence Agriculture:
    How to Increase Commercialization.
  • 9.01 Yoav Kislev & Evgeniya Vaksin -
    The Water Economy of Israel - An Illustrated Review. (Hebrew).
  • 10.01 Csaba Csaki & Zvi Lerman -
    Land and Farm Structure in Poland.(PDF)
  • 11.01 Yoav Kislev -
    The Water Economy of Israel. (PDF)
  • 12.01 Or Goldfarb and Yoav Kislev -
    Water Management in Israel: Rules vs. Discretion. (PDF)
  • 13.01 Ayal Kimhi -
    Off-Farm Participation and Family Composition: Comparing 1995 with 1981 in Moshavim. (PDF)
  • 14.01 Ayal Kimhi and Eliel Rapaport -
    Time Allocation Between Farm and Off-Farm Activities in Israeli Farm Households - 1995. (PDF)
  • 15.01 Ayal Kimhi -
    Family Composition and Off-Farm Participation Decisions in Israeli Farm Households. (PDF)