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The Department of Environmental Economics and Management

The Robert H. Smith Faculty
of Agriculture, Food and Environment
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Herzl 229, Rehovot 7610001
Fax: 08-9466267

Department Head:
Prof. Ayal Kimhi, Tel: 08-9489376

Head of the teaching program:
Dr. Ohad Raveh, Tel: 08-9489373

Meital Kappach, Tel: 08-9489230

  • 1.03 Yoav Kislev -
    The Reform in the Prices of Water for Agriculture (Hebrew). (PDF).
  • 2.03 Yair Mundlak -
    Economic growth:
    Lessons from two centuries of American agriculture
    . (PDF)
  • 3.03 Yoav Kislev -
    Sub-Optimal Allocation of Fresh Water (Hebrew). (PDF)
  • 4.03 Dirk J. Bezemer and Zvi Lerman -
    Rural Livelihoods in Armenia. (PDF)
  • 5.03 Catherine Benjamin and Ayal Kimhi -
    Farm Work, Off-Farm Work, and Hired Farm Labor:
    Estimating a Discrete-Choice Model of French Farm Couples' Labor Decisions.
  • 6.03 Eli Feinerman, Israel Finkelshtain and Iddo Kan -
    On a Political Solution to the Nimby Conflict. (PDF)
  • 7.03 Arthur Fishman and Avi Simhon -
    Can Income Equality Increase Competitiveness? (PDF)
  • 8.03 Zvika Neeman, Daniele Paserman and Avi Simhon -
    Corruption and Openness. (PDF)
  • 9.03 Eric D. Gould, Omer Moav and Avi Simhon -
    The Mystery of Monogamy. (PDF)
  • 10.03 Ayal Kimhi -
    Plot Size and Maize Productivity in Zambia:
    The Inverse Relationship Re-examined
    . (PDF)
  • 11.03 Zvi Lerman and Ivan Stanchin -
    New Contract Arrangements in Turkmen Agriculture:
    Impacts on Productivity and Rural Incomes
    . (PDF)
  • 12.03 Yoav Kislev and Evgeniya Vaksin -
    Statistical Atlas of Agriculture in Israel - 2003-Update (Hebrew).