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The Department of Environmental Economics and Management

The Robert H. Smith Faculty
of Agriculture, Food and Environment
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

PO Box 12, Rehovot 76100
Fax: 08-9466267

Department Head:
Prof. Ayal Kimhi, Tel: 08-9489376

Head of the teaching program:
Dr. Ohad Raveh, Tel: 08-9489373

Meital Kappach, Tel: 08-9489230

Curriculum Vitae

Higher Education

B.S Agr. , Magna Cum laude, Agricultural Economics and Management, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 1983 (Dean's list).

M.Sc. Suma Cum laude , Agricultural Economics and Management, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 1985 (Gal Distinguished Student Fellowship).

Ph.D., Agricultural and Resource Economics, University of California, Berkeley, Supervisor: James A. Chalfant, 1990 (University of California Fellowship).

Post-doctoral Kinamon Fellowship, at University of California, Berkeley 1990-1991.

Post-doctoral Hirshlimer Fellowship, at Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 1991-1992.


Academic Appointments

1983–1985  Teaching and Research Assistant,  Department of Environmental Economics and Management, Hebrew University.

1985–1989  Dept. Ag. Res. Econ. California University, Berkeley: Teaching Assistant  "Advanced Econometric" (Graduate level), Research Assistant: "On the Behavior of Agricultural Households Under Risk".

1992–1997  Lecturer,  Department of Agricultural Economics and Management, Hebrew University.

1997–2005  Present  Senior Lecturer,  Department of Agricultural Economics and Management, Hebrew University.

1998-2000  Head of teaching track, Agricultural Economics and Management in Agriculture, Member of the Hotel Management Curriculum Committee, Head of the Steering Committee of the Agricultural Marketing Program, Member of the Ag. Econ. Dept. Recruitment and Promotion committees, Hebrew University.

2001-2002  Senior Lecturer, Department of Economics, Tel-hai College, Israel.

2005-Present Associate Professor, Department of Agricultural Economics and Management, Hebrew University.

2005-present Director of Research, the Center for Agricultural Economic Research, member of the financial committee, Hebrew University.


Public Activities

1996-7  Member of a Public committee for the Development of the Rural Community for the Next Century.  Nominated by the Israeli Agricultural Minister.

1997- 2005 Member and Chair of the Economic and Marketing Steering Committee, the Israeli Chief Scientist of the Agricultural Ministry.

2000  Chair of a special Advisory Committee, nominated by the Israeli Chief Scientist of the Agricultural Ministry to design and implement an economic review process for research proposals in Agriculture.

1998-2002 Chair of the Executive Committee of “Moshav Yarkona” an Agricultural Settlement.

2002 Co-Organizer of "the Economics of Water and Agriculture" an international Workshop in the Honor of Professor Yoav, Kislev, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

2006 Organizer of "the Economics of Agricultural Trade" an international workshop, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


Membership in Professional Societies (various years):

American Agricultural Economics Association.

Israel Economic Association.

European Association of Agricultural Economics


Academic Awards:

1992 Outstanding Journal Article (best journal article of the year): American Association of Agricultural Economics.

1992 Outstanding Published Research in Agricultural Economics: Western Agricultural Economic Association.

1996, 1997 Dean’s Appreciation Letters for Outstanding Teaching: Price Theory II and Fundamentals of Statistics, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


Funded Research Projects:

Close to a million $ in extramural funding.

1991-2: Chief Scientist of the Agricultural Ministry “Economic Evaluation of Agricultural Research Proposals.” I. Finkelshtain I and Z. Bar-Shira, $70,000. 
1992:   Chief Scientist of the Agricultural Ministry, “The Structure of Israeli Meat Demand.”  I. Finkelshtain, $10,000. 
1993-6:  BARD foundation, ”Organization of Agricultural Marketing,” I. Finkelshtain, S. Buccola and Z. Bar-Shira Z, $200,000.  
1995-6: Chief  Scientist of Agricultural Ministry, “Incentive Structure in Public R&D.” , I. Finkelshtain, $15,000. 
1995-6: Israeli Citrus Marketing Board, “Organization of Israeli Citrus Export.”, I. Finkelshtain and Y. Plessner, $25,000. 
1996-7:  R&D Authority the Hebrew University,  “Incentive Structure in Public R&D.” I. Finkelshtain, $12,000. 
1998-9:  Fruit and Vegetable Production and Marketing Boards., “International Comparison of Agricultural Support Policies,” I. Finkelshtain, $25,000. 
1998-9:  Chief Scientist of Agricultural Ministry, “Efficiency and Equity in Irrigation Regulation,” Z. Bar-Shira and I. Finkelshtain, $16,000. 
2000-2002: Center for the Research of Land Policy, JNF, “Land Auctions in Israel,”       I. Finkelshtain and Y. Tsur $15,000. 
2001-2002: Center for Research in Agricultural Economics, “Land Auctions in Israel,” I. Finkelshtain $5,000. 
2002:  Israeli Tourism Ministry, “Virtual Tourism Services.”, A. Fleischer and I Finkelshtain, $5,000. 
2001-2003:  Maurice Falk Institute for Economic Research in Israel, "Estimating Agricultural Water Demand under Block Rate Pricing", Z. Bar-Shira, I. Finkelshtain and A. Simhon, $20,000. 
2001-2003:  Chief  Scientist and Planning Authority, Agricultural Ministry, "Economic Organization of Rural Municipalities", I. Finkelshtain, $35,000. 
2002-2004:  Sapir Research Fund, "Economic Organization of Rural Municipalities", I. Finkelshtain, and E. Feinerman  $35,000. 
2002:  the Center for Agricultural Economic Research, "Economic Organization of Rural Municipalities", I. Finkelshtain, $2,500. 
2003:  Israel Citrus Marketing Board, "Israeli Market for Fresh Citrus," I. Fineklshtain, $5,000. 
2003-2004:  Chief Scientist of Agricultural Ministry, "Anti-trust Regulations in Israel Agriculture", I. Finkelshtain and Y. Kachel, $10,000. 
2003-2004:   Hebrew University, "Comparing Total Factor Productivity Across Countries", Z. Bar-Shira, I. Finkeshtain, and A. Simhon,  $5,000. 
2003-2004 Chief  Scientist of Agricultural Ministry,  "Organization of Agricultural Export," I. Finkelshtain $9,000. 
2004-6:   BARD, "The Economics of Contracting in U.S and Israel Agricultures", I. Finkelshtain and Tigran Malqovian.  $245,000. 
2005-6:  Niedersachsen, Germany  "Deregulation of Agricultural Trade in Israel and its Influence on Agricultural Product Trade with the European Union" I. Finkelshtain, Y. Kachel, with Stephan von Cramon-Taubadel and Harald Grethe.  $190,000. 
2006-7: Chief  Scientist of the Israeli Ministry of Agriculture , "Marketing Margins in Israeli Agriculture," I. Finkelshtain $16,000. 
2006-7:  the Center for Agricultural Economic Research, "An Econometric Study of Marketing Margins in Israeli Agriculture," I. Finkelshtain $6,000. 

Supervision of Graduate Students

Master’s degree students:
1.  1991-2 Taniv Rophe:  "Structural Changes in the Demand for Israeli Meat", degree completed, Magna Cum laude. 

2.  1993-4  Anat Manes:  "Incentives In Public Agricultural Research", ", degree completed, Magna Cum laude. 
3. 1996-7   Yoval Hochberg: “An Economic Analysis of the Israeli Processed Tomato Industry", Co-Supervisor: Yoav Kislev,  
degree completed, Magna Cum laude. 
4.  1996-7 Arza Ovadia: “Income tax in the Israeli Agricultural Sector.” 
5.  1998-9 Marina Penaliss: “Nonparametric Analysis of Agricultural Households.” degree completed, Summa Cum laude. 
6.  1997-9  Assaf Perez: “Prices vs. Quotas in Regulating The Israeli Water Economy. ” degree completed, Magna Cum laude. 
7. 1998-9 Bosmat Naginess: “Econometric Analysis of Israeli Cut Flowers Sales in Dutch Auctions.” Co-Supervisor: Hillery Voet,  
degree completed, Summa Cum laude. 
8. 1998-9  Yizhak Malcka: “Inter-Departmental Pricing in Israeli Hospitals.” 
9. 1998-9 Samuel Zilberstein  : “Concentration Measurement in the Israeli Motorcycle Industry.” degree completed, 
Magna Cum laude. 
10. 1998-1991 Nir Trup :  "Economic Analysis of Israeli Avocado Export to Europe",  degree completed, Magna Cum laude. 
11.  1999-2000 Alon Hameery:  “Repeated Games and Oligopoly Behavior—a Comparative Literature Review.” degree completed, 
Magna Cum laude. 
12. 1999-2000 Sharon Eshckol: “Urban Land Auctions: The Case of the Israeli Land Administration.”  
13.  2000-2001 Avi Kastro: “International Trade in the Middle East." 
14.  2001-2003 Shy Polack: “Agricultural Support Policies: an International Perspective.” degree completed, Summa Cum laude. 
15.  2002-2005 Gilad Sahar, “Parametric Analysis of Citrus Demand in the Israeli Market.” . 
16.  2002-2005 Yulia Farid, "Hedonic Analysis of Israeli Wines." To be completed this semester. 
17.  2001-present Ron Nakar: “Nonparametric Analysis of Citrus Demand in the Israeli Market.” 
18. 2002-present Sharabi Avital, "Econometrics of Block-Rate Pricing in Agricultural 
19.  2005-present Attel Shteren,  "Strategic Choice of Agricultural Export Contracts". 
20.  2005-present  Batchen Cabara, "Real estate Auction". 
21.  2006- present  Adam Dvir “Reforms in the Organization of Israeli Agricultural Export”. 
22.  Aana Chuldva, "An Econometric Study of Marketing Margins in Israeli Agriculture." 

Doctoral degree students:

1997-2000   Iddo Kan: “Siting Noxious Facilities: Economic, Environmental and Political Considerations.” 

1996-2005  Yael Kachel: “Structure and Performance in the Israeli Citrus Industry,” won the 2006 Ran Mosenzon’s Prize for the best dissertation in the area of Israel Economy. 

1999-2006  Anat Manes-Tchetchik: “The Economics of Rural Tourism in Israel," awarded the Horoviz fellowship. 

 2000- 2006  Mordehai Delgo: Organization of Rural Municipalities in Israel.” 

 2001- present  Taniv Rophe: “Economic Analysis of Land Auction in Israel,” awarded a rector fellowship, proposal approved in 2003. 


Post-doctoral Fellows:

1.  Nira Yakuel, year of commencement-2004.  Project title: "Contracting in U.S and Israeli Agricultures".

2. Yael Kachel, year of commencement-2004. Project title: "Deregulation of Agricultural Trade in Israel and its Influence on Agricultural Product Trade with the European Union."

3.  Anat Manes-Tchetchik, year of commencement-2006.  Project title: "The Economics of Rural Municipalities.”


Courses Taught:

"Introduction to Micro Economics"  (Bachelor's)

Introduction to Macro Economics"  (Bachelor's)

"Fundamentals of Statistics"  (Bachelor's)

"Price Theory B"   (Bachelor's)

"Micro Economics II—Producer Theory" (Bachelor's)

"Micro Economics III—Welfare Theory" (Bachelor's)

"Introduction to Industrial Organization" (Bachelor's)

"The Economics of Israeli Agriculture" (Bachelor's)

"Industrial Organization" (Graduate).

"Public Economics" (Graduate).

"Students Seminar" (Graduate).

"Departmental Seminar" (Graduate).