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List of Publications

Since 1974

1.        D. Yaron, ed. Salinity in Irrigation and Water Resources, Marcel Dekker, 
                  N.Y., 1981. 
2.        G.S. Tolley (Univ. of Chicago), D. Yaron and G.C. Blomquist. 
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             Water Resources. Proceedings, ORAGWA, Int'l Conference on OR 
                 In Agr. And Water Resources. Jerusalem, November, 1979. North- 
                 Holland, 1980. 

Articles in Referred Journals and Books 
1.        D. Yaron, Economic Analysis of Optimal Use of Saline Water in Irrigation 
                  and the Evaluation of Water Quality. In J.E. Flack and C.W. Howe 
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                  pp. 60-88, 1974. 
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3.        D. Shimshi, D. Yaron, E. Bresler, M. Weisbrod and G. Strateener. Simulation 
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                   Water, Efficiency and Game Theory Analysis of Income Distribution, 
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28.        D. Yaron and A. Regev. Is Modernization of Traditional Irrigation Systems 
                   in Arid Zones Economically Justified? Proceedings Int'l Conference 
               on Irrigation - Theory and Practice. Southampton University. 1989. 
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                  Transition from a Traditional to a Modernized Irrigation Project. 
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                  English version forthcoming. 
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                  In Press. 
 43.       A. Kusumi,  T. Morioka, R. Wallalch, and D. Yaron. Cost Effectiveness to 
                  Abote Waterlogging and Salinization in Yizrael Volley of Israel. 
                  Submitted to Environmental Science (Japan). 

Monographs and Research Reports 
1.         D. Yaron, J. Shalhevet and E. Bresler , Economic Evaluation of Water 
                  Salinity in Irrigation. Research Report submitted to Resources for 
              the  Future. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Faculty of Agriculture. 
                 (Mimeo). pp. 203, 1974. 
2.         A. Meloh, D. Yaron and E. Bresler. Economic Analysis of Efficient Use of 
                 Saline Water in Irrigation in Beissan Valley. Res. Rep. The Hebrew 
.                University of Jerusalem, Faculty of Agriculture. (Mimeo,Hebrew) 
3.         D. Yaron, A. Dinar and B. Harpinist. Optimal Irrigation Scheduling on a Daily 
                 Basis. Res. Report. Center for Agr. Econ. Res., Faculty of Agriculture 
                 (Mimeo, Hebrew). 1977, pp.63 +IX. 
4.         R.L. Anderson, D. Yaron and R.A. Young, Models Designed to Efficiently 
                  Allocate Irrigation Water Use., Tech. Rep. No. 8, Env. Resources 
              Center, Colorado State Univ.. (Mimeo, ) 1977, pp. 80. 
5.         A. Cooper, D. Yaron and A. Reiseman, Methodology for Selection of 
                 Industrial Plants for Kibbutz Settlements. Res. Report. Dept. of Agr. 
                 Econ.  The Hebrew Univerwsity, Faculty of Agriculture. (Mimeo, Hebrew), 
                 1977, pp. 122. 
6.         D. Yaron. Cost Effectiveness in Point Source Water Quality Control. 
              Res. Report. The University of Chicago and the Hebrew University 
                 (Mimeo), 1978, pp.112 + V. 
7.         D. Yaron, A. Dinar and S. Shamlah. First Empirical Estimates of Potential 
                  Losses of Agricultural Income in the South of Israel Due to Deterioration 
                  of  Water Quality. Res. Report. Center for Agr.Econ. Res. Faculty of 
                  Agriculture. The Hebrew University. (Mimeo, Hebrew), 1979, pp. 42 + VII. 
8.         D. Yaron, Cooper A., Golan D. and Reiseman A. Analysis of Industrial Plants 
                  and their Adaptability to Rural Collective Settlement. Res. Report. The 
                  Hebrew University, Dept. of Agr. Econ. (Mimeo, Hebrew), 170 p. 
9.         D. Yaron, A. Dinar, H. Voet and A. Ratner. Economic Evaluation of the Rate 
                  of Substitution between Quantity and Quality (Salinity) of Water in 
                  Irrigation. Res. Report submitted to the Ford Foundation. The 
                  Center for Agr. Econ. Research. Rehovot, 1981, 60 p. 
10.       D. Yaron, and A. Ratner. The Effect of Increased Water Salinity of 
              Moshavim in the South and Negev Regions of Israel. The Center 
                  for Agricultural Economic Research. Rehovot, Israel. Working Paper No. 
11.       A. Ratner and D. Yaron. Analysis of Family Farm Types in the Northern 
              Arava. Res. Report. The Center for Agricultural Economic Research 
                 Rehovot, Israel. 1984. (Hebrew). 
12.       D. Yaron and A. Ratner. Attitudes of Moshav Farmers in Northern Arava 
              Towards Agricultural and Non Agricultural Employment. Res. 
                  Report. The Center for Agricultural Economic Research, Rehovot, Israel. 
                  1984. (Hebrew). 
13.        D. Yaron, A. Segev, E. Ben Rafael and A. Yaron. Towards 
                   Industrialization   of the Moshav. Res. Report. The Hebrew 
                  University of Jerusalem, 1985. (Hebrew). 
14.        D. Yaron and A. Ratner. Efficiency and Game Theory Analysis of Income 
                   Distribution in the Unse of Irrigation Water. Reprint Series No. 14 Inst. 
               of Agricultural Economics. University of Oxford. 1985. 
15.        D. Yaron, A. Dinar and A. Ratner. The Applicability and Usefulness of 
                   Cooperative Game Theory in Analysis of Equity Issues in Regional Water 
                   Resource. Problems. Reprint Series No. 16. Inst. of Agricutlural 
               Economics. University of Oxford. 1986. 
16.        D. Yaron, A. Ratner and J. Wijler. Economic Evaluation of Industrialization as 
                   an Alternative for the Development of Moshav Settlements in the Central 
                   and Norhtern Arava. Res. Report. The Center of Agric. Economic 
               Research. The Hebrew University, Rehovot. 1986. (In Hebrew). 
17.        A. Wolk and D. Yaron. Factors Affecting the Growth of Debts in the Moshav. 
               The Center for Agric. Econoimic Research. The Hebrew 
               University. Rehovot. 1988 (In Hebrew). 
18.        D. Yaron, H. Efrat, R. Spector and E. Bresler. Economic Aspects of the 
                   Salinity and Drainage Problems in the Jezreel Valley in Israel. Res. 
                   Report. The Center for Agricultural Economic Research. The Hebrew 
                   University, Rehovot 1990. (In Hebrew). 
19.        D. Yaron, R. Spector and S. Meyers with cooperation of A. Volk and Y. 
                  Goldin. The Use of Water and the Future of Israeli Agriculture. 
                  The Center for Agricultural Economic Research, Rehovot. 240 pages. 
                  (Mimeo). 1996. (In Hebrew). 
20.        D. Yaron and R. Spector. On the Future of Israeli Agriculture. The Center 
                   for Agricultural Economic Research, Rehovot, 1997. In Hebrew. 
21.        D. Yaron and Sellwyn Meyers. The Subsidy for Water - What it Really Is? 
                   The Center for Agricultural Economic Research, Rehovot, 1998. 
                    In Hebrew. 
22.        Water Commissioner Office. Committee on Effluent Use in Irrigation. 
                    D. Yaron and I. Ravina Co-Chairmen with 
                    R. Efrat (secretary), Y. De-Mallach, A. Hadas, D. Hamberg, 
                    N. Haruvi, D. Mishaeli and G. Oron. Final Report. 197 pages. 1999. 
                    In Hebrew. 

Papers Presented At Conferences 
1.        D. Yaron, Seasonal Aspects of Water Quality Control. NBER Workshop on 
                Economics and Control. Yale University, May, 1977. 
2.        D. Yaron, A. Cooper, E. Fogel and A. Reisman. Methodology for Selection 
                    of Industrial Plants for Rural Communities. ORSA/TIMS Meeting. 
                    Los  Angeles. Nov. 1977. 
3.        D. Yaron, Misc. Invited Discussion and Working Papers. Panel on Water 
                   Resources. Int'l Conference of Agricultural Development and Food 
               Policy. Bonn, October, 1979. 
4.         D. Yaron and A. Dinar. Water Allocation During Peak Seasons. ORAGWA, 
              Int'l Conference on OR in Agr. and Water Resources. Jerusalem, 
                  November, 1979. 
5.         D. Yaron, Economic Evaluation of Efficient Irrigation with Reference to 
                  Response Functions of Crops to Irrigation and Soil Moisture. 
              Binational Mexico-Israel Symposium on Agriculture in Arid 
              Lands. Zacatecas, Mexico, July, 1980. 
6.         D. Yaron and D. Golan. Rural Industrialization - An Analysis of Profiles of 
                  Industrial Plants on Rural Collective Settlements in Israel. 9th IFORS 
              Triennial International Conference on Operations Research. 
                 Hamburg, July, 1981. 
7.         D. Yaron and A. Ratner. Empirical Evaluation of Certain Policy Measures 
                 Aimed to Reduce Salinity Losses in Agriculture. Int'l Symposium on 
                 State of the Art control of Salinity. Salt Lake City. 1983. 
8.         D. Yaron. Economic Approach to Irrigation Scheduling. Invited Paper. 
              IAHS Int'l Meeting. Hamburg. 1983. 
9.         D. Yaron and A. Ratner. Efficiency and Game Theory Approaches to Income 
                 Distribution. IFAC Int'l Conference. Lisbon, October, 1985. 

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                 Villages. Dept. of Agr. Econ., Faculty of Agriculture, The Hebrew 
                     University, Rehovot, 1957. (Monography in Hebrew with English 
3.         D. Yaron. Dairy and Field Crop Farming in the Negev Area of Israel. 
                    Dept. of Agr. Econ., The Hebrew University. Faculty of Agriculture, 
                    Rehovot, 1957. (Monography, Hebrew). 
4.         D. Yaron and E.O. Heady. Approximate and Exact Solution to Non-Linear 
                   Programming Problem with Separable Objective Function. 
               Journal of Farm Economics, 43: 57-70, 1961. 
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